Terms & Condition

Terms & Condition

I agree that AFA GLOBAL (hereinafter referred to as AFA GLOBAL) may collect personal information within the scope of its business promotion, marketing purpose and specific purpose necessary for the sale of products, during and after the validity period of this agreement, within and outside the United States, can be processed by automated machines or other non- automated methods, using my information (including but limited to personal name, birth date, gender, ID number, social security number, passport number, contact information, bank account, social activities and other the personal data can be obtained directly or indirectly), and can be transmitted in the United States and abroad, and the personal data can be provided to a third party for business promotion. If my information changes, I would like to notify AFA GLOBAL immediately.

*I have provided AFA GLOBAL with information about my direct marketing rights and downline sales organization, or all the information generated by my business activities as a distributor, to AFA GLOBAL and my online distributors when there is a need for online support, and the appropriate government or management agency required by laws and regulations. I also agree to authorize AFA GLOBAL and its affiliated companies to use my personal data in the marketing-related materials of distributors’ praise. If any information provided by me causes damage to AFA GLOBAL and its affiliates or a third party seeks compensation, I agree liability for compensation.


*After joining as a member, I agree to upload the copy of the ID card, bank account information and other personal details into the member information at the member’s front desk. I understand that failure to fill in the correct and complete details will result in the inability to receive the compensation/rewards/bonus or the loss or loss of membership rights.


*If I apply for membership in the name of a company, I will attach the “Certificate of Company Registration”, the front and back of the photocopy of the ID card of the company’s owner/legal representative, and IRS EIN certification documents. *I hereby declare that I am over 18 years old.


*This application will take effect after the new member confirms that he has read and checked “I agree”. However, if a member seriously violates AFA GLOBAL regulations or deliberately damages AFA GLOBAL’s reputation, and the facts are verified, AFA GLOBAL can always terminate this contract without prior notice.


The personal information provided by me is the same as that on the identity document issued by the government, and all the information and documents provided are completely correct. If there is any inaccuracy and damage to personal rights, I shall be solely responsible for it.


I understand that when each bonus is remitted to my account, the transaction processing fee must be deducted by AFA GLOBAL or its payment processing service provider or bank in accordance with AFA GLOBAL’s regulations.


I guarantee that I have read all the above provisions and agree to and abide by the regulations.

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